Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday In Advance

Its My Birthday In Advance! 


fuhh fuhh ! *tiup lilin* ;)

Assalamualaikum :) Jum tulis kisah bulan Ogos aku pada tahun 2012 ni. Its very wonderful okay! I KNOW, now dah bulan Nov dah lama sgt cerita ni berlaku but I want this memory has been written in my blog. heee:)
Firstly, Anis Sulaiman my bestie. Kami keluar detim for iftar. Anish lanje kite berbuka dekat Fullhouse,Sunway Pyramid. Chic Chop! nyumsss ! ;) After iftar, anish suprise kte dgn cuppy cake Wondermilk. FAV! That was my request to her . Really love it. Orang pertama celeb kte in advance.Thanks soo much drlingg ♥  Anish never fails to make my day full of sweet memories. Serioulsy :')

Her-She ♥ AS with PA

Its sooooooo delicious and soo cute for sure rite ;)

Till then,bye!

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